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National school food program a step in the right direction

April 2, 2024


This week’s announcement from the federal government to fund a national school food program marks a significant step towards ensuring all children have access to nutritious meals. It represents a huge milestone for advocates who have worked tirelessly to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families.


The $1 billion commitment over five years aims to provide meals to 400,000 more kids, above and beyond those served by existing school food programs today. With 1 in 4 children not having enough to eat, this is only a step in the right direction.


Key findings from early work undertaken by the Inspiring Healthy Futures Network focus on food security as a basic necessity of life for children in Canada, with equitable access to food security specifically named as part of our guiding principles.


Leveraging schools and communities as health and well-being hubs is a core pillar of our work, with this year’s focus being to implement the strategy of activating schools beyond education to foster equitable health and well-being by supporting healthy development for kids and families.


The focus on this issue in this week’s announcement underscores a belief long held by the Inspiring Healthy Futures Network: Canadians imagine a better future for children, and all community leaders, organizations, and government have a role to play in creating a healthier, stronger future for children, youth, and families in Canada.


About Inspiring Healthy Futures


Inspiring Healthy Futures (IHF) is a pan-Canadian, cross-sectoral network of champions for children's health and well-being. In its development, over 1,500 individuals and organizations from health, social services, education, research, and policy, together with youth/families convened with a common vision: Collectively we imagine a better future for children, youth and families in Canada.


For questions about Inspiring Healthy Futures, reach out to Ryan Voisin, Managing Director of IHF.

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