Between September 2020 and March 2021, more than 1,500 people engaged in the Inspiring Healthy Futures initiative, representing a broad and diverse constituency of voices.

Our guiding questions for Inspiring Healthy Futures included:

  • What is most needed to create healthy lives for all children and youth in Canada?

  • What are the urgent needs generated by the COVID-19 pandemic?

  • How can we work together to shape and create new knowledge and translate knowledge into action?


A participatory action approach was grounded in generative dialogue and appreciative inquiry. The full engagement was conducted virtually, in three phases.


October 2020 - March 2021

  • Convene Executive Team to provide advice about creating a representative engagement process and share interpretive insights of emerging ideas

  • Convene Core Team to provide advice on engagement process, interpret emerging ideas and conduct interviews in their own spheres

  • Set up diverse engagement process


October 2020 - February 2021

  • 19 virtual focus groups, with participants across Canada, across disciplines and across generations

  • Core team interviews with 150 participants

  • Tweet chat sponsored by Healthcare Leadership online community

  • “Big Questions” via social media and sponsor newsletters


February - March, 2021

  • Strategy Hives™ x 8

  • Two-hour intensives to co-create aspirational direction and concrete actions

    1. Hope for a brighter future

    2. Love, safety and healthy childhood

    3. Basics of a healthy life

    4. Stronger health systems

    5. Racial and structural equity

    6. Learning, belonging and play

    7. Acceleration Agenda

    8. Endurance Agenda

I'm inspired to go back to my organization and discuss new ideas to encourage more voice and engagement and to create hope within the middle school age youth!

 – one of the participants in a Strategy Hive


  • Sector leaders

  • Health and community service providers

  • Researchers

  • Think tanks

  • Community leaders

  • Youth-serving agencies

  • Youth

  • Parents

  • Educators

  • Policy influencers

  • Caregivers

  • Advocates